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Hassles with airport security plague many with Parkinson's. Long concerned with this problem, APDA just helped work out a solution with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Pressure on TSA mounted after a nasty incident involving an Irish Parkinson's sufferer. Unable to communicate with officials while traveling overseas, he was mistaken for being intoxicated. He was forced to take a cold shower and was then sent back to his home country.

This humiliating incident led APDA to create an ID card for travelers with Parkinson's. Prompted by an APDA representative on its Disability Coalition, TSA willingly approved a card for use by people who have a disability, medical condition or medical device that may affect their security screening.

The traveler can fill out the card and hand it to a Transportation Security Officer in a discreet manner. The TSA card is readily accepted when going through security screenings.

Currently, some passengers with pacemakers, autism, and ostomies use similar notification cards. Information on the card serves the dual purpose of protecting passenger privacy and facilitating the screening process.

The card, which you can download here, won't exempt anyone from screening. But we hope it will facilitate the process for everyone.

Serving the Parkinson's Community,

Joel A. Miele Sr., P.E.
American Parkinson Disease Association